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Grand River Cattle Company, L.L.C.
  • 8500 head background and finish yard located in Southern Iowa close to Interstate 35

  • Close to packers and feed by-products, as well as numerous reputable sale barns

  • Long term employees with many years experience

  • 4 full time cowboys ride pens 7 days a week

  • Full time office personnel for prompt accurate service

  • Certified Scales

  • Sprinkler system in every pen for summer heat

  • Bedding for cattle in the winter

  • The largest cattle feed consumer in area to acquire quantity ingredient pricing, which is passed on to consumers

  • Availability of roughage is second to none

  • FBS computer system for reliable accurate tracking of cattle and intakes

  • Manager former lead cowboy

  • We can add value to your cattle in a reliable predictable manner

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